Upload and download speed explained & learn how to run a speed test?

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With the MySpeed test, you can know the status of your network: how fast download speed, upload speed are as well as the detailed number of pings. Not sure about the different parameters of speed test results? In this blog, we break down upload and download speed explained. Then, you can diagnose why your WiFi isn’t performing as it should.

Upload download speed test

What is the internet speed test? Let’s download and upload speeds explained. Find out their role to understand why there is a huge search of the question “how to run a speed test?”.

How to run an internet speed test?

How to run an internet speed test?

As the name, the internet speed test is used to check speed of your home network based on 3 specifications: download speeds, upload speed with ping. 

The internet service you connect to often limits your download and internet upload speeds based on the plan you have paid periodically, local congestion, any throttling rules it has, so on. 

When you feel your internet performance is so laggy, it is time for you to run the checks to know the current speed of your wired connection, your Wifi. 

MySpeed may be a good choice for you. After running the test, it will show you the statistic measured, potential problems & suggest you some solutions to tackle it. 

You also can compare the results of specifications with the speed the internet service provider gives you then you can know that the internet package chosen is worthy or not.

Download and upload speed explained

What does download and upload speed meanDoes streaming use download or upload speed?  You will find the answers in this part. Apart from the upload and download speeds explained, we also explain ping rate:

  • Ping is the measure of latency (lag) from your computer to the server then back to your computer. A ping is sent to a server (which contains a packet of information 32 bits long, those are a combination of 32 0's and 1's) then the server sends that back. 

  • What does download speed mean? The download speed refers to the rate at which it can retrieve data from the internet. The unit of the download speeds is Mbps. Some online activities using download data such as downloading large files, listening to music on Spotify, streaming videos on Netflix, etc. 

  • Upload speed refers to the rate at which data may be transmitted from your devices to the internet via your internet connection. Sending emails, playing live tournament-style video online gaming & video calling a friend, etc are uploading activities because they require good upload speeds for you to send data to someone else’s server. 

Uploading vs Downloading activities

Uploading vs Downloading activities

Does streaming use upload or download speed? Streaming activities such as watching Netflix movies, stream videos will consume downloading data. Otherwise, if you live stream, you are using uploading data

How does the speed test work?

The mechanism of a speed test Internet is also simple. When clicking the “Go” button of the speed check, multiple tasks occur. 

Firstly, the Speed test sends a simple signal (a ping) to the server then it responds. The test will check the speed of the ping in milliseconds.

Ping rate is measured in ms (milliseconds)

Ping rate is measured in ms (milliseconds)

After the ping test is finished, the download speed test starts. Your computer will attempt to download a small piece of data. The function of this activity is to measure 2 things: how long it took to get that piece of data & how much your internet data is used to download.

After the ping test, MySpeed will check your download and upload speeds

After the ping test, MySpeed will check your download and upload speeds

Finally, the speed check online test upload speed. It’s essentially the same process as the download test but in reverse. 

Instead of pulling data from the server to your PC, the test server uploads data from your PC to the server.

What are fast download and upload speeds?

Many people ask “why is my download speed slower than my upload speed?”, “why is upload speed slower than download speed?” or “why is my upload speed higher than my download speed?”

Not all speeds are created equal. You need a high speed internet connection for streaming video than you do for email, for example. 

Therefore, generally, the internet service provider offers internet packages that have a download speed higher than the upload speed. Here’s a general guide.

High download speed low upload

High download speed low upload

What is a good upload and download speed for streaming? For a 1080p HD video stream, as the picture above, from 6-10 Mbps, you can watch smoothly. 

If you watch 4K video, the download speed should be up to 25 Mbp.

How to use the internet speed test?

You can find many different versions of free internet speed test on Google or application stores easily as well as the guideline, tips to use it. 

For PC, laptop, tablet, etc, you need to follow the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1: searching the speed check

Open the google page to type “internet speed test” or “ speed check online”, this will bring up a list of the Google search results.

However, you also need to be aware of reliable safe websites to avoid losing your private information. Some reputable websites with huge users all over the world are Speedtest.com, Fast.com, Gospeedcheck.com, etc.

speed check online

Google search" Speed check online"

Step 2: Run the speed check

Choose a reliable tool to open its homepage.

Click the “Go” button to start the testing process

Friendly display of the speed check Internet

Friendly display of the speed check Internet

Step 3: Wait for the testing tool to complete

After a few seconds, the test server will measure the ping, download with upload speed. The result will be shown clearly.

How to use the internet speed test

The internet speed test result of 3 specifications: ping, download and upload speed

Step 4: Review the test results

Based on the results, you compare & analyze whether your internet connection is fast or not. From that, you could know the causes then find ways to improve internet speed. 

Besides, on Android, IOS operating systems, there are speed check Internet applications with many versions, many utilities. It is easy for you to install it & check the speed of mobile data. 

Speed test results

Speed test results on gospeedcheck.com

Tips to get correct download/upload speed result

There are many factors affect internet speeds, so that, apart from How to use the internet speed test, internet users need to take notice of some tips below.

First, before running the test, make sure that you turn off all unnecessary tabs, applications, browsers running. These can take download data or internet data to use so that it could make the test do not check the good download speed and the result is wrong.


Delete/ turn off unnecessary apps

Delete/ turn off unnecessary apps

Besides, VPN (a virtual private network) should also be stopped because it uses its internet connection, not your real one. Therefore, running the speed check online while turning on the VPN, it will test the speed of the VPN. 

Another tip is to place your router far from the other electronic devices. In some cases, other electronic devices, especially cordless phones and microwave ovens, can interfere with wifi, influencing wifi signals transfer. 

It will be a good idea for you to move your router near other broadcast devices like internet-capable stereo receivers and game consoles. 

Place router in a proper position

Place router in a proper position

This will make it easy for you to plug these devices into your router using an ethernet cable then improve the quality of your video, music, game streaming experiences. Also, it makes the test result more objective, accurate. 

Final words 

How to use the internet speed test? Why is my upload speed faster than my download speed? Is upload or download speed more important for streaming? Hope you find the best answer yourself. The network speed test is a useful tool to help us check internet performance. Many people all over the world use MySpeed due to its conveniences, friendly display & easy to use. This is suitable for those who are wondering how to use the speed check as well as have a lot of questions about it.

Rating:4.6 - 51Votes



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